donderdag 7 februari 2013

Identity theft is made easy in Belgium as we all publish real RRN numbers on the net.

If the government want to stay in control,
then don't wait till "a lonely wolf" starts howling during the night,
as this might wake up sleeping dogs.

Some time ago, I already warned about the fact that personal identity information is free to get on the net.
And yes, I'm not surprised that nobody took any action.

I re-submitted my previous Google search and still all that same information popped up again. It's such a shame. Especially when you hear in the news that they managed to steal money from insurance companies by performing identity theft.
Belgian insurance industry defrauded for 2 million euro's online by stolen Belgian ID's

Even people who are responsible for the good order in our country, called politicians, don't see the harm. Maybe they don't care about their citizens as long as their own personality is safe-guarded. But when validating the information that Google provided me, it seems that even our politicians need to be careful too.
 e.g.: a member of CD&V Genk was fully listed in a manual which explains how to use the BelPic software.

Please keep this advice in mind:
Nobody, except for the Belgium Police, can forcefully demand you to provide your eID and thus all information which is printed/stored on it. The Belgian Police can only demand a "visual view" of the eID but cannot force you to hand-over this eID.
But just as nobody is aware of this rule, nobody even cares that the info on the eID-card might be available on the internet.

You still don't belief me that such info is available on the net? Look to the articles published by a fellow blogger BELSEC marked with OPRRN (Operation RijksregisterNummer)
  • How your RRN can become accessible all over the web
  • Even communes publish RRN numbers in public documents online
  • Political parties publish RRN numbers of their candidates
If the Belgium government is failing to control its own security, then what is the credibility of this government?
All around the world, governments are increasing their Cyber Reaction teams. I think this is a clear signal that we should act NOW !

note: BelPic is an application used in all Belgian local community instances to update/register your eID's.

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