zondag 3 februari 2013

Explanation of skids: what is a skid? and how do they act?

A part of life is the moment when we are young and perform some actions without thinking about the greater impact. We have all been there. So for some reason, I see the funny part of skids. :-)

But back to reality. We need to keep an eye on skids. Well, there are 2 kinds of skids.
One sort is the one who use other peoples programs, and another is the one who brags a lot but does hardly any harm.

Here is how you can notice they are skids.
They got a host booter for 10$, and say it's homemade. It's not really good but it gets the job done and can very easily struggle with home connections. So you only lag, but you will be disconnected for sure after a while. It's not an new technique. 20 Years ago, we could even use a 9600 baud modem to bring down a server connected with a T1 line by DDOSing with IP spoofed packages.

And some skids even got rats/keyloggers. Keyloggers are kinda old, but most skids uses keyloggers.
Different between, keyloggers/rats:
  • Keylogger: A lot of text to read through which you only get the information when the victim is typing.
  • RAT: Remote controlling the victims PC.

Most skids say they can disconnect your instantly. But UDP is meant to attack servers. It works on regular people too. That's the only way to boot you offline from your internet connection.

Some skids say that they got many different attacks to do, but that's false also because tcp, ssyn, etc...  doesn't work to boot a person offline. It's just sending protocol = TCP.

And there was this one kid one time, said he had a 32k botnet. Well, let me just explain what they mean. They seem to have access to a botnet. And a botnet is unlimited. You can DDOS whenever you want and it's still the same power. A botnet is a group of people that you got rated. They send attacks which were commanded by the botnet owner. So a 32k botnet is 32k people. But 200 is enough to hit someone offline pretty well.

How do you avoid a skid?
  • Always be on a vpn
  • In a skype call do not click/download any files.
  • Avoid clicking on fancy looking commercials
  • Keep your antivirus up-to-date.
  • ...

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