donderdag 31 januari 2013

Confidential documents leaked via online printers?

In the old days, hackers had fun with viruses which would start printing at random on every printer connected in a company’s network. A way to show that they were able to penetrate the security.
This is the image that most people on the streets have when they heard about “printers connected to the internet without a good password do get hacked”.

But this could be far more serious. Most printers these days are multifunctional devices. They print, scan and copy. But the device is nothing more than a PC with a printer and scanner. It has its internal hard drive installed. It stores the job you selected mostly for audit reasons. All data remains available for some time  depending on the settings and disk space capacity. On now it’s connected to the internet.

Can you imagine the danger when confidential documents got scanned/copied/printed?

  • Imagine a hacker that wants to create a Wikileak.
  • Imagine a hacker selling the techinal info to the competition of your company.
  • Imaging HR printing out the pay slips.
  • Imagine the hospital printing out the patient health records.
  • Imagine the bank printing out your bank details.
Should I continue giving examples? Just enjoy the video shown below where they used the physical access.

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