maandag 6 mei 2013

Spread the beans and governmental passwords.

It has been a long time that I have posted something, but it has it's reasons. Belgium is trying to act modern as it think to be as important as any other high valued country. They even try to convince the people that they make HUGH effort in fighting cybercrime. But still many sites get defaced and political party websites get DDOS'ed by bored kids.

At least my nagging to the Belgium defence about inappropriate web- and networkdesign started to irritate the military sysadmins who then with "many kindness" asked to stop investigating google results about their network. Mission accomplished. Awarness is step 1 of the digital healing process :-)

Comité I was another thing that I had on the list. SecOps, PsyOps at Belgium,...
But the sun started to shine and there is more in life than reading in my dark dungeon.

And then there are the beans. Maybe white beans in tomattosaus. Or jelly beans.
Or government beans. Those which contain database information. Like the one below:

<bean id="db2XaDatasource" class=""> <property name="databaseName" value="dt00eva" /> <property name="portNumber" value="3792" /> <property name="driverType" value="4" /> <property name="serverName" value="" /> <property name="currentSchema" value="EVAADM" /> <property name="user" value="evajava" /> <property name="password" value="YHhpiWPp" /> </bean>

password has been wiped out. :-)

So this seems to be related to the website of "Fonds voor arbeidsongevallen" where Eva seems to be an important name. If you are looking for my source? Then have a google search on:"be.fgov.faofat.evalea2"

It seems to be a habit in Belgium to use the public internet as a hugh clipboard. And then hoping this gets wiped afterwards. Or sysadmins belief their website is of no importance just like their work. I assume they only work for the money and not for the "Digital Passion".

But have you ever left a bean in the wild? It grows and starts it own life.
And one day that bean will become the feeding ground of hackers.

Ooh well... I'm not a farmer nor will I ever plant beans. I leave it up to the specialists to terminate the weed.
Sleep tight.

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