donderdag 9 mei 2013

Does your payslip contain confidential information?

Would you trust a real estate company when buying a house? Especially if they ask to provide your monthly payslip for finance reasons?

Of coarse we do. We want that house and/or we need the money that we do not have. :-) So we provide them the payslips and trust in god that all remains confidential.

And then there is the almighty Google who sees it all.

Seems that is providing real estate agencies the ability to have a software in order to manage their business. To maintain pdf's containing real estate information. But some smart salesperson also seem to have put the payslip of 1 of his customers online.

Naughty naughty boy.

I'm pretty sure more payslips are available on internet (just caught 2 others flying by during lunch) Some people getting a lot of money, others not.
But what I fear the most... I have a lot of personal data. RRN, adres, ... I smell Identity Theft !

BTW... Are real estate agencies allowed to request this kind of information? Do they have the approval from the privacy commission? Do they know the penalty for not safeguarding this information?

Let's get another coffee and continue life. :-)

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